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how mimbleballs can help

A comforting companion for a friend in the hospital or quarantine, a calming therapy toy for a child with anxiety, a friendly ball to toss, or a friend to help focus during meditation, a Mimbleball can be helpful in so many ways. Scroll down to discover how they can help you!

 I suffer from pain and swelling in my hands due to Rheumatoid arthritis.. I found that the regular old hand therapy balls are just to stiff for me to squeeze. The small size [mini] Mimbleball is just perfect for my hand therapy. It's soft enough to squeeze and provides just enough resistance. I keep one on my desk at work to use it throughout the day.  Love Mimbleball!

Karen S.


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Navigating the world of autism, Asperger’s, or sensory processing disorder (SPD) can often be overwhelming and confusing, but Mimbleballs are here to help. Mimbleballs are not only a beneficial sensory toy, but are a reliable companion and a source of comfort during stressful situations.



Whether you're a nurse, teacher, therapist or other type of caregiver, we know just how tough your job can be! Whether it's helping students calm down in the classroom, helping elderly patients with dementia, or helping a patient in the hospital, Mimbleballs are here to calm, comfort and cuddle. Mimbleballs are here to help make your job a little easier. 

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Comfort Kits are a wonderful gift for those who need a little extra love on the go. Whether a loved one is undergoing chemotherapy or an extended medical treatment, a child has just gone off to college, or a friend having a difficult time during social distancing amid the coronavirus, a Mimbleball is a unique, effective addition to a comfort kit. 

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Senior loved ones have received a lifetime of gifts, but in recent years, his or her needs may have changed. Whether they are trying to adapt to living in a nursing home or a care facility, suffering from alzheimer’s or dementia, or dealing with the pain of arthritis, Mimbleballs are a great source of comfort, happiness and relief.



Whether it is with your children at home, or kids in your classroom, Mimbleballs have countless benefits to help your young (or old!) children. Mimbleballs serve all ages as it is not a stuffed animal, which appeals to older students as well as younger, and its unique identity as a ball of hair with personality lets people of all ages bond with it in their own personal ways!

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There is a new tool/toy in town which has helped so many people struggling with anxiety, stress, and depression in an immediate, comforting, bonding, and often amusing way.

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Mindfulness meditation has been used for generations as a way to calm the mind and relax the body. For anyone who has tried it, experiencing the quiet, focused peace of meditation doesn’t always come naturally. In today’s world, it can be difficult to sit still and quiet your mind. Mimbleballs are here to help.

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