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Therapists everywhere!  What if you could have a communication tool that created instant joy and comfort?  Bonus features include: laughter-inducer, connection-maker, friendship-encourager, endorphin-releaser, immediate energy-shifter, fidgety hands-occupier, & de-stressor. What if this tool also had all of the soothing comfort of a child’s favorite stuffed animal, but was cool enough for all ages?

Connection and comfort are why Mimbleballs exist.


With one simple motion, Mimbleballs surprise people with joy, creating

immediate comfort, connection, and unexpected laughter. They help create

simple shifts in energy which can open the heart and mind to hope, sheer

silliness, and healing connection.


Mimbleballs are round, plush therapy toys with super-soft, kinetic, zany, sculpt-able hair that can stand straight up with a tap or a shake; wear an endless array of ridiculous hairstyles that will stay in place (spikes, mohawk, Dwight from The Office…); and provide the same soothing comfort as petting your favorite pet, without the mess. It is also a ball you can toss, which is fun. 


Mimbleballs are ice-breaking, easily-amusing insta-friends that inspire moments of shared delight when the Mimbleball hair stands straight up, unexpectedly, when "bopped" (tapped on the underside or gently shaken) — a kind and playful gesture intended to bridge connection between people or soothe someone in a moment alone. The resulting laughter and wonder open pathways for comfort, trust, and fun. 


Mimbleballs allow people to be vulnerable and feel valued by being a simple, open, friendly, loving presence (the essential superpower of any stuffed animal), yet the benefits and appeal of Mimbleballs extend to any age and are effective tools during and beyond childhood.


They are highly relatable (everyone looks like a Mimbleball in the morning), with kind, wide-set, listening eyes, soothing softness, and the ability to make people laugh and comfort themselves and others. An ideal talking stick, friend to spend long hours with in a hospital bed or infusion clinic, emotional upset soother, silent patient engager (laughing => talking), smile instigator — imagine the possibilities.

Want to learn more about customizing your Mimbleballs with your logo and branding?

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how to use mimbleballs in your office:

  • Comforting, soothing the frightened

  • A safe friend — soothing hair, makes you laugh, wide set eyes, fidget toy

  • People’s reactions consistently involve laughter and surprise at the hair “bop”

  • Immediate bonding - people of all ages seem to understand immediately how a

          Mimbleball can help them, intuitively bringing a Mimbleball close to their chest

          and absent-mindedly stroking the hair of the safest, friendliest, familiar shape of a ball

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The kids have really enjoyed my new addition to the play room and we are calling him Einstein. The most popular aspect is his hair. They love playing with it and watching it bounce back when they "bop" him.

Lisa, Therapist, LMFT, RPT

I absolutely love the mimbleballs. I toss them to kids when they are upset and they never let them go!


My students (grades k-5) loved my white Mimble[ball]. They immediately gravitated to it. They loved to squeeze and pet its soft hair. Many students found petting the soft hair to be soothing. One student felt that “you could talk to them about whatever emotion you were feeling. They would walk into my room and immediately take it and stroke its hair as we talked. I even let my 14 year old borrow one as he was studying for finals. It seemed to be very calming.


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