give back program

There are so many benefits packed into each 5” squeezable, cuddly, laugh-inspiring Mimbleball!! They make you laugh, comfort you when you cry, are excellent friend-finders, and are welcome company anytime, anywhere, and at any age. Our goal is to deliver as many cozy, comforting companions as possible to everyone who would benefit from a Mimbleball -- which, quite frankly, is everyone!! 


With the sale of every 20 Mimbleballs, we will donate one to nurturing not-for-profit, such as a hospital, school, or foster care program. ​To date, Mimbleball has donated over 100 Mimbleballs to such organizations as foster care programs, senior living facilities, and counseling centers.

give back program submission

Please let us know here about an organization, school, or program that could benefit from a donation of Mimbleballs so we can put them on our list. Thank you.


Mimbleball 06_Gabe.JPG

Volunteers at the Beaumont Unified School District Foster Care Program including their donations of Mimbleballs in Foster Care Kits