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the origin story

Mimbleballs were invented in January 2017 by Theo Chambers, age 10, in Moorpark, CA, USA. What started as a ball of faux fur was transformed into a hairball with personality through the addition of button eyes and a creative haircut! 

Every time a new Mimbleball came to life it was surrounded by a slightly frenzied group of children demanding to know what it was -- and could they have one! More creative fun came with experimenting with different fabrics and color combinations.

Soon, more and more of Theo's friends wanted a Mimbleball of their own! We knew that they were funny, cuddly friends, but what we didn't realize was how beneficial and therapeutic they could be. As Theo's mom, Julia, started making more Mimbleballs, people started telling her how they were helping them: with anxiety, with their students and patients, with their parents suffering from Alzheimer's. 

With this revelation, Mimbleball ramped up production. As more Mimbleballs were handed out,  more beneficial uses were discovered! Mimbleball, Inc., now a handful of creatives and business masterminds, researched and selected 6 final Mimbleball designs for  the   Original 

Brown plush therapy toy for kids and adults

say hello to ben,

the original mimbleball!

Green plush therapy toy for kids and adults

theo, gabe + julia

Crew: Thimble, Bimble, Ira, Gabe, Ivie, and Theo. What started out as a way to have fun, comfort, and connect quickly turned into a valuable and worthwhile venture.

Mimbleball Inc. would like to deliver as many Mimbleballs as possible to everyone who would benefit from a cuddly, comforting companion. With the sale of every 20 Mimbleballs, we will donate one to nurturing not-for-profit, such as a hospital, school, or foster care program.

At Mimbleball, we continue to expand the design possibilities to represent various personalities, gorgeous design, colors, fabrics, and organizational branding. We pledge to maintain the highest quality fabrics and production, and never let anything cheesy be integrated into the brand line. We also pledge to develop our products with a sense of humor, style, and humanity.


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