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what is a mimbleball?

Multicolored plush therapy and sensory toy for kids and adultsIMG_9399.JPG

Mimbleballs are 5" and Mini Mimbles are 3.5" round, plush therapy tools that benefit everyone who needs a little extra love, joy, laughter, and comfort. Really, who doesn't? A Mimbleball's wide-set eyes hold a steady, gentle gaze, making it the perfect listening companion and creating an instant bond. At the same time, its incredible softness soothes and comforts. 


The secret power of the Mimbleball: gently shake or pat underneath, and the hair stands straight up. We dare you not to laugh! The reaction of almost every person who encounters a Mimbleball, young and old, is instantaneous joy.


We have made sure to use the softest materials for our cuddly friend. Each fabric is 100% new and cuddle-tested. We spent months finding the best safety eyes so they can withstand even the tightest of hugs!

With the sale of every 20 Mimbleballs, we will donate one to nurturing non-for-profit, such as a hospital, school, or foster care program. ​To date, Mimbleball has donated over 100 Mimbleballs to such organizations as foster care programs, senior living facilities, and counseling centers. Learn more about our Give Back Program here!

what are mimbleballs made of

(besides love)?

  • 100% polyester (face)
  • Plastic buttons (eyes)
  • 75% acrylic
       25% polyester (hair)
  • Poly-Fil

Mimbleballs utilize safety features for even the most curious users. ​Comfort and safety are our priorities at Mimbleball!

While a Mimbleball is tough and durable, we still recommend that you hand or machine wash on a gentle cycle. In order to keep their hair silky smooth we suggest that your Mimbleball air dry.

caring for your mimbleball


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