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Library Buddy + Homework Helper

Talking Piece for Classroom + Counseling 

Calming Friend for Anxiety + ADHD

Hospital Companion

Juvenile Justice Program Buddy

Mimbleball Meditation

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Whether it is with your children at home, or kids in your classroom, Mimbleballs have countless benefits to help your young (or old!) children. Mimbleballs serve all ages as it is not a stuffed animal, which appeals to older students as well as younger, and its unique identity as a ball of hair with personality lets people of all ages bond with it in their own personal ways!



Navigating the world of autism, Asperger’s, or sensory processing disorder (SPD) can be often overwhelming and confusing. Mimbleballs are here to help. Mimbleballs are not only a beneficial sensory toy -- they are also a reliable companion and a source of comfort during stressful situations for all ages.


library buddy + homework helper

Mimbleballs can serve as a great sensory toy for teachers and the classroom. Many fidget tools can be distracting from lessons and school work. Mimbleballs are quiet - perfect for the classroom! They are a great tool for self-regulation to promote focus and concentration. 


Have a child who doesn’t like to read? Or a child who does? Have him or her bring a Mimbleball with them as a reading buddy! Schools: keep Mimbleballs in your school’s library for when students visit. 


Children with reading challenges (or without!) can benefit from reading to an attentive Mimbleball, whose wide set eyes and absent mouth makes the very best and guaranteed safe-zone listener.​


Mimbleballs are also perfect for kids who have difficulty focusing on homework. Keep a Mimbleball on the desk as a buddy to encourage students to keep their attention on their work. Mimbleballs are great companions with whom to take 5 minute breaks from homework as well!

talking piece for classroom + counseling​


Mimbleballs are a great way to get children of all ages talking, especially during circle time. Have kids throw a Mimbleball to each other - it’s the turn to talk for the one who catches it! Mimbleballs are also highly effective tools as talking pieces during conflict resolution or emotional upsets.

The “Hair Bopping” superpower (smoothing the hair on top and “bopping” the Mimbleball below to make the hair stand straight up) can also be enacted to give props for kind, generous, or amusing things shared by talking circle members.

calming friend for anxiety + adhd


Keep a Mimbleball or two in your office or space for children who just need an opportunity to unwind. Children or students can interact however they desire with the Mimbleball, including talking with it, or simply sitting and playing with its hair.


Mimbleballs are not just great relaxation tools for adults and ADHD, they are also perfect for kids with anxiety. As Mimbleballs are a ball, they can transcend the label of “stuffed animal” that generally appeals to younger children. 


Children can often have a difficult time dealing with the stress and anxiety that strenuous situations, and even everyday life, can throw at them. Fidget toys are often used to help children with anxiety and attention difficulties, such as ADHD. Studies show that they significantly enhance the attitude and attention of children. 


Mimbleballs keep fidgeting fingers busy and serve as a beneficial self-regulation tool. By giving them a Mimbleball, you are giving them a tool that help to help cope and comfort.

hospital companion


Hospital trips and stays can be even overwhelming and stressful for children. Do you have a child who needs to make regular trips to the doctor’s office or hospital? Add a Mimbleball to a care package for hospital stays to lend a sense of comfort, safety, fun, and an insta-friend for the journey.

juvenile justice program


Finding a way to make the often harrowing legal process in the court system less frightening for children is a universal goal, and courtrooms have utilized comfort animals and other methods to ease the difficulty of the experience. Mimbleballs can be a soothing friend for children and young adults during this time.

mimbleball meditation

" kids, the world can seem like a big, scary, and overwhelming place, full of chaos and ominous unknowables. However, when kids take the role of parent or caregiver over their plush friends, suddenly part of that world becomes perfectly manageable, understandable, and safe."

The Importance of Plush Toys In Your Child's Life

"As a middle school counselor, I support students with a range of needs from peer issues, the death of a loved one, or mental health needs such as anxiety and depression. I have found that oftentimes, students need a few minutes to gather their thoughts before opening up. Having the Mimbleball in my office has been so helpful for my students who need something to play with before or while they speak with me. Students can not help but smile while they play with "Gabe's" hair, squeeze him, or toss him in the air. I feel that having a Mimbleball in my office contributes to a warm and welcoming space all students need."

-Lezya W., School Counselor

"I wanted to share that I've used the black-haired mimbleballs as my talking piece for the restorative justice circles and dialogues I am doing this school year at my middle school. They have become my little icebreakers to help the students relax and it usually brings a smile to their face. They have also helped the students de-escalate by playing with its hair."


-Anonymous, Therapist, Middle School Counselor

"Sensory products and toys are often helpful for encouraging play in children who are easily distracted or overstimulated by some other kinds of children’s toys and games. sensory aids are often an effective way to offer calming relief in overwhelming situations or offer a helpful distraction for busy minds.”


Sensory Products as Therapeutic Aids

"My students (grades k-5) loved my white mimble. They immediately gravitated to it. They loved to squeeze and pet it’s soft hair. Many students found petting the soft hair to be soothing. One student felt that “you could talk to them about whatever emotion you were feeling.” They would walk into my room and immediately take it and stroke it’s hair as we talked. I even let my 14 year old borrow one as he was studying for finals. It seemed to be very calming."


-Jennifer S., Elementary Counselor

"I work in a school environment with special needs and ed students. The Vice Principal came in to the office with a Mimbleball and at that time we had a female having a slight meltdown. As soon as she gave her the doll it totally calmed her down. would like to get more for our site."


-Christina D.


a friend with so many uses + so many benefits for your little ones!

Sit with a Mimbleball -- a soft, lovable, round friend -- in your lap as a physical reminder to calm and focus, or place one nearby in your meditation space to keep you company during your meditation practice. A Mimbleball focuses, soothes, and reassures. It is a tactile friend that promotes calm and well-being.

Need a way to integrate peace and calm into your child’s environment? Have each child or student take a Mimbleball and sit with it in their lap. The Mimbleball serves as a soft, soothing reminder to remain focused and calm. For one minute to 15 minutes, children can close their eyes and relax. Add to the atmosphere with calming music and dimmed lights.


Meditation has been incorporated very successfully in schools as a replacement for detention and as a regular school-wide daily practice for many schools. Incorporating Mimbleball Meditation into your school’s curriculum or your child’s life will provide countless benefits, both now and in the future.


Another Mimbleball Meditation breathing exercise: have your kids (or you!) lie down on their backs and place their Mimbleballs on their bellies. As they breathe in and out they can notice how the Mimbleball moves. They can even rock the Mimbleball to sleep using their breathing. This is a great thing to do right before bed as well.


The Mimbleball is round and might not always stay on their bellies very well. Children can steady the Mimbleball with their hands if necessary, thereby soothing themselves with the tactile interaction. Using the Mimbleball as a “belly stone” or “breathing buddies” can have wonderful calming results.

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