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Navigating the world of autism, Asperger’s, or sensory processing disorder (SPD) can be often overwhelming and confusing. Mimbleballs are here to help. 


Mimbleballs are not only a beneficial sensory toy -- they are also a reliable companion and a source of comfort during stressful situations for all ages. 


Every person handles stress and processes things differently. It’s part of what makes us unique, but it can also make coping with tough situations more difficult. 


A Mimbleball is a friend that goes with you wherever you go. No matter what or where, you can always rely on the kind eyes and the long, soft hair of a Mimbleball to help provide a safe and familiar environment. 

Because those with autism often crave structure and routine, sensory aids such as Mimbleballs are helpful as a comforting, reliable, and predictable form of stimulation. By providing strong sensory feedback, Mimbleballs can help process sensations, sights and sounds in a less threatening way and provide a safe focus point in an often chaotic world. They can also be a source of encouragement in play for those who are easily distracted or overstimulated.


Mimbleballs are made with the softest fabrics and most durable safety eyes. We are pleased to announce that we will soon be manufacturing a new Mimbleball, which will feature a multicolored sequin face, providing a wonderful tactile sensory experience.

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As parents and caregivers, we can’t always prevent the unexpected, but we can offer tools to help deal with change and the stress of everyday life. A Mimbleball is a tool that helps during stressful situations or to gain better focus at school or home.

If you are a therapist, school counselor, or geriatric aide, please contact us for special pricing.

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