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the cuddly, comforting companion.

what in the world is a mimbleball?

Mimbleballs are 5" round, plush therapy tools that benefit  everyone who needs a little extra love, joy, laughter, and comfort. Really, who doesn't?


A Mimbleball's wide-set eyes hold a steady, gentle gaze, making it the perfect listening companion and creating an instant bond. At the same time, its incredible softness soothes and comforts. 


The secret power of the Mimbleball: gently shake or pat underneath, and the hair stands straight up. We dare you not to laugh! The reaction of almost every person who encounters a Mimbleball, young and old, is instantaneous joy.

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I suffer from pain and swelling in my hands due to Rheumatoid arthritis.. I found that the regular old hand therapy balls are just to stiff for me to squeeze. The Mimbleball... is just perfect for my hand therapy. It's soft enough to squeeze and provides just enough resistance. I keep one on my desk at work to use it throughout the day.  Love Mimbleball!

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The kids have really enjoyed my new addition to the play room and we are calling him Einstein. The most popular aspect is his hair. They love playing with it and watching it bounce back when they "bop" him.

Mimbleball 03_Gabe + Ira.jpg



My students (grades k-5)

loved my Mimbleball. They

immediately gravitated to it. They loved to squeeze and pet it’s soft hair. Many students found petting the soft hair to be soothing. One student felt that 'you could talk to them about whatever emotion you were feeling.' They would walk into my room and immediately take it and

stroke it’s hair as we talked.

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