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mimbleball meditation

Mindfulness meditation has been used for generations as a way to calm the mind and relax the body. For anyone who has tried it, experiencing the quiet, focused peace of meditation doesn’t always come naturally. In today’s world, it can be difficult to sit still and quiet your mind.


Mimbleballs are here to help. Mimbleballs can be used as a tool by meditation practitioners from beginners to seasoned pros to help focus attention on mindfulness. A Mimbleball focuses, soothes, and reassures. It is a tactile friend that promotes calm and well-being.


Sit with a Mimbleball -- a soft, lovable, round friend -- in your lap as a physical reminder to calm and focus, or place one nearby in your meditation space to keep you company during your practice.

Need a way to integrate peace and calm into your child’s environment? Have each child or student take a Mimbleball and sit with it in their lap. The Mimbleball serves as a soft, soothing reminder to remain focused and calm. For one minute to 15 minutes, children can close their eyes and relax. Add to the atmosphere with calming music and dimmed lights.

Meditation has been incorporated very successfully in schools as a replacement for detention and as a regular school-wide daily practice for many schools. Incorporating Mimbleball Meditation into your school’s curriculum or your child’s life will provide countless benefits, both now and in the future.

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 Another Mimbleball Meditation breathing exercise: have your kids (or you!) lie down on their backs and place their Mimbleballs on their bellies. As they breathe in and out they can notice how the Mimbleball moves. They can even rock the Mimbleball to sleep using their breathing. This is a great thing to do right before bed as well.


The Mimbleball is round and might not always stay on their bellies very well. Children can steady the Mimbleball with their hands if necessary, thereby soothing themselves with the tactile interaction. Using the Mimbleball as a “belly stone” or “breathing buddies” can have wonderful calming results.

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