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There is a new tool/toy in town which has helped so many people struggling with anxiety, stress, and depression in an immediate, comforting, bonding, and often amusing way.

A Mimbleball is a calming sensory toy which provides soothing comfort, calm, focus, and relaxation. Mimbleballs naturally serve the role of a constant friend and companion, with their kind, listening eyes, and the exquisitely soft, soothing hair. Therapeutic toys like Mimbleballs can help people cope with life’s difficulties in a safe and natural way. Many people who have taken home a Mimbleball have reported that they and their family members form an immediate bond with their Mimbleball, and often need to order more to share.


For those with anxiety, Mimbleballs can act as a fidget toy, providing hours of sensory input that keep fingers busy and minds focused and relaxed. Stroke the hair as if petting a cat (or a Pomeranian) on your lap, or twist it into spikes, pigtails, or a mohawk as a relaxing fidget accessory. Their kinetic hair also stands straight up with a gentle tap or a shake, which is almost always a happy, laughter-inducing surprise and serves as a way to share a laugh -- opening communication and easing a tense environment. As it is a ball, Mimbleballs are used in group settings as a talking piece, creating fun opportunities for expression and games.  


The Mimbleball presents uniquely as an in-between entity: it is not identifiable as a typical stuffed animal or a baby doll, for example. It is a soft, gentle ball, which is fun for all ages and an excellent inter-generational social connector. Mimbleballs are made in an easy size to hold on one's lap or carry. In therapists' and counselors' offices, its main use is often as a comforting object to hold and stroke -- often people do not realize that they have "pet" a MImbleball constantly for their entire session without awareness and calmed themselves down. For an older teen or adult, a stuffed animal may carry a "babyish" stigma that would not allow them the freedom to be comforted by a soft, cozy object.

Mimbleballs are not just great relaxation tools for adults, they also perfect for kids with anxiety: they are a ball, not a stuffed animal that can be intended for young children, and it is quiet - perfect for the classroom! Children can often have a difficult time dealing with the stress and anxiety that strenuous situations, and even everyday life, can throw at them. Fidget toys are often used to help children with anxiety and attention difficulties, such as ADHD. Studies show that they significantly enhance the attitude and attention of children. By giving them a Mimbleball, you are giving them a tool that help to help cope and comfort.

If you are a therapist, school counselor, or geriatric aide, please contact us for special pricing.

Grey plush therapy and sensory toy for kids and adults

calm and comfort with a mimbleball 

(this advice is aimed at children, but works for all ages!)


Hi! I am a Mimbleball. I am there for you when you need a friend.


It is OK to squeeze me if it makes you feel better. It doesn't hurt! That's why I am so soft and cuddly.


It is OK to play with my hair while you take deep breaths or count to 10.


It is OK to just sit with me. Sad and angry feelings can happen all of a sudden. Hold me in your lap until the sad feelings pass and happier feelings arrive. It is OK to feel how you feel.


I can help you talk with grownups, teachers, or friends. We can play games of catch together and talk.


I love to hear your words. Please tell me stories or read to me!


I love to make you laugh with my crazy hair. And almost everyone looks like me in the morning!


I love to fly through the air when you throw me -- it is fun!


I will always be here to listen. Tell me how you feel -- I can help.


I will always be your friend.

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