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Pink plush therapy and sensory toy for kids and adults

alzheimer's care + dementia

For seniors living with Alzheimer's or dementia, a Mimblecall can be a beneficial tool in comfort care. When a senior coping with Alzheimer's or dementia is stressed or anxious, it is often displayed in his or her hands: pulling at their clothes, wringing their hands, and twisting their fingers when they’re upset, afraid or agitated. A Mimbleball can act as a sensory or fidget toy, keeping their hands busy in a positive, soothing and comforting way.


Sensory and fidget toys for the elderly can provide great comfort. Mimbleballs combine varying textures, including the very softest long hair, and wide set, kind eyes that offer immediate companionship. 


Mimbleballs are made with the softest fabrics and most durable safety eyes.



For those living with arthritis, everyday tasks can be quite difficult. For those suffering from arthritis in the hands, something as simple as opening a door can be painful. Many arthritis pain relief products can be too hard and can provide little comfort, but Mimbleballs are a perfect tool to provide relief.




nursing home


Transitioning into a nursing home, elderly care facility or assisted living facility can be very difficult. Giving a gift during this transition (or for any reason!) can help make the experience much more comfortable. 


The best gifts give their recipients extra love, comfort and enjoyment - cue Mimbleballs. Oftentimes in these living situations, space is limited, and receiving items of value can actually make residents feel anxious. A Mimbleball fits right in one’s lap and occupies very little space..


Just visiting elderly loved ones can be the best gift of all, but why not leave some love behind in the form of a Mimbleball?


multi-generational connector


Sometimes visits between elderly grandparents and young grandchildren can be difficult due to a lack of common ground. Mimbelballs are a great way to break the ice and foster engagement. 


Giving a Mimbleball a quick tap on the underside makes the hair stand straight up, creating instant laughter and kinship. It can also be used as a toy, tossed or rolled back and forth, or as a way to help nurture the interaction. Insta-puppet shows or character play are easy with a Mimbleball in the room!

Karen S. says of her Mimbleball experience:

I suffer from pain and swelling in my hands due to Rheumatoid arthritis. I found that the regular old hand therapy balls are just too stiff for me to squeeze. The small size Mimbleball is just perfect for my hand therapy. It's soft enough to squeeze and provides just enough resistance. I keep one on my desk at work to use it throughout the day.  Love Mimbleball! 

Senior loved ones have received a lifetime of gifts, but in later years an older person’s needs may change. Whether they are trying to adapt to living in a nursing home or a care facility, suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, or dealing with the pain of arthritis, Mimbleballs are a great source of comfort, happiness and relief.

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