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Teal plush therapy and sensory toy for kids and adults



Are you or someone you know having a difficult time with social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic? Mimbleballs are here to help! 

With so many people we love spending time alone and away from us, especially older family members and friends, Mimbleballs are a perfect friend to send when you cannot be there.

Mimbleballs exist because they bring people joy and comfort, and we would like to make them available to everyone who could use one in this stressful time. Mimbleballs can calm, soothe, make people laugh, are really good listeners, and are super-soft balls that do not break things with the frequency or intensity of a basketball, soccer ball, or water polo ball when thrown indoors.  

chemotherapy + hospital comfort kits


It can be difficult to know exactly what to gift someone who is undergoing chemotherapy.  Why not give the gift of love and comfort with a Mimbleball. 


Mimbleballs are the perfect hospital companion for a patient who has an upcoming surgery or is undergoing chemotherapy. They are small enough to fit in your bag, and fit perfectly into your hands. Hold them and bring them with you during possibly difficult times at the hospital or doctor’s office to provide a deep feeling of calm and relaxation. A Mimbleball is a soft ball of hair with a gentle, loving, amusing presence that works for all ages. As hairballs with personality, Mimbleballs hold themselves apart from the stuffed animal crowd and are “cool” enough to be seen with those that are older.


Hospital trips and stays can be even more overwhelming and stressful for children. Do you have a child who needs to make regular trips to the doctor’s office or hospital? Add a Mimbleball to a care package for hospital stays to lend a sense of comfort, safety, fun, and an insta-friend for the journey.



relaxation first aid kit


Sometimes we just want to send someone a “thinking of you”, “get well soon” or “stress relief” gift basket. Besides the more typical relaxation first aid kit items, such as candles and blankets, include a Mimbleball! Petting and playing with a Mimbleball’s hair provides an instant feeling of calm and relaxation.


homesick care package


Do you have a child going off to school, college or camp? Mimbleballs can help with all of the worries and stress that comes with college life - and provide a fun way to connect with new friends! Mimbleballs can act as a stress and anxiety reliever and a friend to bring along for students leaving home for the first time. 


Mimbleballs make a wonderful addition to welcome kits, make a comforting gift for incoming students or campers. 


Don’t forget about the parents, who need some extra love, too! Buy a pair of Mimbleballs, one for parent and child to feel extra connected!

"I am currently going through chemotherapy for breast cancer.  I was having a very dark day dealing with the side effects of treatment and feeling really down.  A box of Mimbleballs arrived unexpectedly in the mail.  When I opened the box I actually laughed out loud at how cute these little guys are!  It shifted my mood for the rest of the day. What a whimsical treat and lift to my spirits."


Comfort Kits are a wonderful gift for those who need a little extra love on the go. Whether a loved one is undergoing chemotherapy or an extended medical treatment, a child has just gone off to college, or a friend having a difficult time during social distancing amid the coronavirus, a Mimbleball is a unique, effective addition to a comfort kit. 

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