There are many ways for you or your business to work with Mimbleball!

partnerships with mimbleball

are you an influencer? 

promote us on your social media!

We have found that the best way to spread the Mimbleball message is through word of mouth, or in today’s world, sharing via social media!

Do you have a following in a particular niche, such as parenting or teaching children with autism, or working with elderly Alzheimer’s patients? We would love to send you a free info kit, which will include a sample Mimbleball for you to try and share your impressions with your audience! It would be wonderful to build a social relationship and in turn promote your page to our followers as well!

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do you own or work with a retail store? 

sell mimbleballs!


When a customer comes across a Mimbleball they are so hard to resist! The immediate impact of a Mimbleball translates best when people can interact with the softness and the fun! So many people comment on how they immediately bond with their Mimbleballs, and cannot stop stroking its soft hair and being soothed by holding it. An immediate friend right on the shelves of your store! In turn, we would love to promote your store on our social media!

do you volunteer or work for a school or organization

order custom designs!

A custom-colored Mimbleball is a unique and fun way to raise money for and/or awareness of your school or organization! We can design custom colors and incorporate your logo or name on the Mimbleball’s face to promote your brand in the most friendly and immediate way. Use as a reward for donations or as the most appealing promotional tool ever invented. Please contact us to discuss.

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